Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit: My Dog Thinks I'm Crazy

First off this post is to show off three of my favorite things: Misty (that is the face I come home too), purple and boots! Misty can't stand to take pictures, she is so camera shy. Just look how irritated she looks with me. It makes me laugh.

Today is my wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, funny just all around amazing, mother's birthday. I have eaten almost nothing today because we are going to Carino's; where I plan to gorge myself on pasta, bread and turtle cheesecake. I am very excited. I'm also excited to see my momma open her presents- I picked them out myself and I love them. I wont say what they are quite yet, just to keep it a complete secret. But believe me they are awesome; I'm a good shopper.


Julia said...

I love the boots!! I'm in such a boot mood lately, and yours are great!

Cup of Tea

Kirsten said...

I take so many pictures of my dogs. You should see some of the pictures by the end. They want to kill me.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

cute dog!!!!!

Sandra said...

What a cute doggie!!!

Joyce said...

Your dog is so cute! And I love your boots and scarf, very pretty :)