Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outfit: Crochet & Glasses

I hardly ever shop at Aeropostale any more. I used to buy everything there in middle school and I was convinced their clothes just weren't that great. Well, I am not afraid to admit I'm wrong. We went into an outlet store to get my sister jeans and they were having a bin sale. I got this crochet crop top for $3! I'm sorry that I doubted you Aeropostale, you do have some cute stuff...

It's finally looking like fall outside! It's a little overcast, a little chilly and it is drastically improving my mood. Weird? Just a little. I've been relaxing in sweats and fuzzy socks, drinking a pumpkin spice latte (of course) and reading all day. It's a beautiful thing.

I got my hair done yesterday and got blonde highlights for the first time since elementary school. (We don't talk about that because we tried highlights from a box. NEVER AGAIN.) It's not really a drastic change, only to me I guess. It lightened up all my hair and my lovely hairdresser said it was honey. She loved it, so that's good. I'll have to get some pictures soon!

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. :) 


Kirsten said...

Whenever people talk about what they love about fall I feel like everyone says "Pumpkin spice lattes" and I've never had one. Definitely on my to-drink list.

Gentri said...

You look so so pretty! Love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the weather as well. I'm from southern Oregon and this is my favorite type of weather. Sweats wearing, hoodie loving, curl up under a blanket weather. =]

That top is adorable. Looks good on you.

Marie said...

This is a lovely casual outfit, I like the crochet crop top!:D

Fall improves my mood too, it's my favorite season.:D

***** Marie *****
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Mary and Dyer said...

You are so adorable! Love the crochet top - it looks great on you! Also love the setting of these pictures... so gorgeous! xo

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