Monday, October 10, 2011

Outfit: Apple Strudel

One of my favorite sweaters, from H&M of course.

You know, it's just a little sad when one of the only things that gets you through your day is food. That's pretty much my life. Today's life-sustaining food is Apple Strudel bread from Costco. If you have never had this- firstly I feel sorry for you, secondly just take my word that it is delicious. So delicious.

And that, my friends, is the rest of my night. Sitting on the couch, doing homework, watching tv and being distracted by my phone. The only thing that's missing is food.

And! I must share that I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I love that book. It is now one of my favorites. What are your favorites for when I can actually choose what to read?


Gentri said...

Gah!! If only H&M would open up here already! I need that sweater!

Joyce said...

Your sweater is so cute! Okay I will go try the apple strudel :)

Julia said...

Hey! I just finished reading Jane Eyre too! I looooved it! Did you know about the book, Wide Sargasso Sea, and how it was written in a response to Jane Eyre? If not, you should look it up. It's interesting to read right after Jane Eyre.

I love that sweater too, something about cute little animals on clothing that can have the power to cheer you up, haha.

Cup of Tea

jane said...

I want an H&M!!! You have some of the cutest outfits! LOVE the animal sweater!


Pia said...

If you ever decide to get rid of that sweater, please think of me, ok? It really is too cute. We have an H&M on every corner, but why have I never seen this??
And Jane Eyre? I love!

Hannah said...

That sweater is so cute and comfy-looking! The closest H&M in these parts in two hours away, it's an unfortunate thing. I wish I could go more often. :(

As for some great books? Hmm, I kind of have a weird taste, but it all depends on what you like! I'm a big fan of anything by Neil Gaiman, who I suppose you could call a contemporary fantasy writer? I'd look him up! Also, if you haven't read "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak as of yet, please do. It's incredible.

Amanda said...

Thanks for all your comments and book suggestions- I'll definitely be checking them out! :)

Mona M. said...

beautiful girl. your pullover is so adorable,dear!
have a nice day <3