Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outfit: The World is Wacky

Yes, I am bringing you these outfit pictures from my bathroom floor. Yes, I am aware I don't match. Yes, my shirt does say "Bacon had a Mom" and has a little piggy on it. You are correct. Today was "Wacky day" for homecoming week. I'm not one to go all out on dress up days, so I thought what better way to dress wacky then layer as many patterns as I can to overwhelm my tiny self. Wacky outfit achieved.

I post this because it actually inspired me a little. I'm always afraid to mix patterns, even though I love when others do it. In a way, this over-done pattern clash pushed me out of my comfort zone a little...and it was actually pretty fun. I also have fantastic friends who tell me I look cute in everything. They flatter me too much, but it puts a smile on my face.

Do you like to mix patterns? Do you have any rules?

By the way- I am beyond seething mad about the hunting and killing of 49 exotic animals (18 rare Bengal Tigers and 17 lions included) in Ohio. Some unstable man was allowed to keep them, then let them all free and committed suicide. Funny how a man who had been charged on multiple counts of animal neglect and had 100+ guns in his possession was still allowed to keep these animals. And they died because of him. Come on US, get it together. Let the wild remain wild. We can't have everything.


Liora said...

and your pig/bacon shirt :)


Hannah said...

Those tights are to dieeeee forrrrr. Great experimentation with patterns! :)

Joyce said...

I'm afraid to mix patterns,too! So I mostly mix the easiest patterns, floral and stripes. I love your tee shirt and tights! The pig is very cute :)

Rachael said...

wow those tights are a statement!

Elly said...

Lovin' the tights! <3