Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Quote Art

If you are frantically trying to put together a last minute, personal, homemade gift right now, you are probably freaking out. BUT! No need to fear; I have an idea for you! I made this for my best friend and it was not only simple to make but super fun (I do have to remember I am very easily entertained though, so don't get your hopes up...) 

This does take over-night to dry!

1. Supplies. The most important is the artwork. You want to pick something based on color, because that's what you will see. Thrift-stores are great for this because the art can be slightly damaged. You'll also need Vinyl letters. I found mine at Michael's in the wood section. Lastly you'll need spray paint- I chose a satin finish.

2. Placement. After you pick your quote/lyric/etc you need to place your letters. Cutting out around the letters is super helpful.

3. Sticking those Stickers. Once your happy with your placement and made sure you haven't switched up any letters, carefully place your letters right on the painting.

4. Painting! Go to a well ventilated place (outside) and spray the heck out of the entire painting. I had to do four-five coats of white to cover the painting. Follow the instructions on the can. The can does lie though, it won't be done in a few hours. Wait overnight until it is completely dry before moving on the final step.

5. Reveal. After you have impatiently waited (oh, wait that may just be me) carefully, VERY CAREFULLY pull the letters off your painting, revealing your painting again. Voila! You are done! Give your gift and make one for yourself! You can also attach a ribbon to hang from the wall.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday hustle & bustle!


monster cakes said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if it matters what type of artwork this is done over? Was yours just a canvas print? I couldn't tell. Thanks

Amanda said...

Anonymous- sorry for the delayed response! I did mine on what looked like a painting on wood. But I'm sure it would work on canvas as well! :)