Saturday, December 10, 2011

Outfit: Boots, Dog & Leaves

I didn't forget about you all I promise! I have been so busy but I have some pretty awesome things to blog about in the upcoming days (Mumford & Sons concert, the Grotto, etc.) so that's exciting! And I updated the whole blog! Do you like it?

I actually braved the cold and went outside to take these pictures- my backyard was too pretty too miss out on. The leaves are mostly all down now, it's winter here now. I have to share the boots. I got those boots at a thrift store, brand new for $20. I almost died. They are so warm and I love the print on them. Thrift stores are the place to be!

Last but certainly not least- Misty says hello! You're lucky to get the virtual hello, because the real hello smells pretty bad.


Marian said...

Sweet boots! It's amazing what you can find while thrifting. :)

rach. said...

absolutely fantastic.

lovely blog girl.

love, rach.

livingasunnyworld said...

omgggggg ur dog is so super cuteeee!


Joyce said...

Those boots are so cute :)