Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Family Spoiled Me

I just want to take a moment to brag. Just kidding, but really my family knows me so well and I am a very lucky girl. My loot included a reversible faux fur vest that I am excited to wear, a sequin fox sweater that I'm in love with, a scarf, leg warmers, a Pokemon video game, those cool bracelets that double as hair ties, all the Harry Potter books, a gorgeous wood carving from Indonesia and a print I've been lusting after from Eastwitching and there was more still. My family loved the gifts I gave them too...at least I hope they did.

What was your favorite gift?

I hope the spirit and love of the season lingers around you and your families for a good while. Don't take any time with the people you love for granted!


Melita Kiely said...

they sound like amazing presents, love the photos! x

Karolina said...

It's wonderful that your family knows you so well! Lovely sweater :)


S. Singh said...

Hi found you on IFB. That fox sweater is ah-dorable! Happy New Year!