Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Music Has Consumed My Life

 ...and I'm not that upset about it. It really has been quite a musical couple of weeks and it's not over yet! Last Tuesday was my school choir's Winter Concert, which I think went very well. On Friday the a Capella group I am a part of sang for the teachers during their lunch and on Saturday we sang for some cool old people (a motor-home club I think?) at an awesome restaurant. Before that on Saturday I had my piano recital.

There was a little boy at the piano recital who did an almost perfect Nightmare Before Christmas version of Jingle Bells. I'm not sure it was on purpose but it made my entire day. It was a complex piece too!

This week, as if that wasn't enough music- I have been going to rehearsals for my friend. She is having a small group of people go sing for a place for developmentally disabled adults where her mom works. That's happening tomorrow!

Then to finish it off on Friday, right before Christmas the a Capella group is going to go caroling. Which should be a lot of fun. We picked my sister up from the airport last night so she is home and I am ready for Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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