Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week of Sweaters

I (and a few others) declared this final week of school Sweater Week. It was unfortunately interrupted by a couple events- but I still got to wear some pretty kick-butt sweaters. My Giant Pillow-Blanket sweater is seriously heaven to wear, my Steve sweater let me live out a childhood dream. Cause it's Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues! And my Grandma Christmas Cat Sweater had a actual functioning bell and says: "Grandkids leave pawprints on our hearts". Yes, this made my week bearable.

Goodness gracious I am so behind. This week has been constant activity- that I'll have to fill you in on later: Job fair, Winter Concert, Bell-ringing, Piano recital. Super crazy week but all good! You'll hear about it all soon as soon as I can get a break! Anyone else feeling the Holiday craziness?

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Sandra said...

I love the kitty sweater. It's my favorite!!!