Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zooey Deschanel: Style Inspiration

In lieu of my recent Zooey Deschanel comparison which I shared in my last outfit post:

"Oh! I have to share one of my happiest moments of life so far. The a Capella choir I am a part of went to the office yesterday to sing Christmas songs to them and we sang the song in which I have a solo. After the song was over the office ladies said I sounded beautiful and one of them said I reminded her of Zooey Deschanel. If you know how much I love, adore and admire Zooey, you would understand my excitement."

I decided I would finally give Zooey a post of her own on here. She has such a great sense of style and I really do adore her! Oh and if you haven't seen New Girl yet you need to watch it because it is hilarious! 

New Girl is on tonight- but I'm going to miss it to go to the Mumford & Sons concert! Oh the sacrifices I must make... hehehe.


Julia said...

You're so right, Zooey is amazing style inspiration. I loved all of her looks in 500 Days of Summer, so perhaps at your recommendation I should check out New Girl...

Cup of Tea

Sandra said...

I love Zooey, she is to cute. New Girl is such a good show, I dvr it so that I don't miss any episodes. Also, her outfits on the show are adorable. I also love her in 500 Days of Summer. Glad to hear your solo went well!!!

Vikki G said...

Can you be my best friend? haha I have a slight fan-girl obsession with her and her wardrobe. I'm glad I'm not alone !~ :-)